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King of Fighters '00
Storyline of King of Fighters 2000, The
It's been a few months since Choi has begun training with Jhun, and it appears his life in Japan and rehabilitation under Jhun's tutelage is coming off without a hitch.
JHUN: "You're a pretty quick study, Choi. I'm impressed."
CHOI: "Something like this is a piece of cake, buddy boy."
JHUN: "I have to run some errands tomorrow, so I was planning to have you study by yourself tomorrow, but it looks like that won't be necessary from now on. So I've decided to change my plans and have you join me."
CHOI: "Where are we going, buddy boy?"
JHUN: "Tokyo."
CHOI: "Tokyo?"

The next day the two set out a little early and head for Tokyo.
After they arrive in Tokyo, they transfer trains, get off at their destination, and wait among a small group of people gathered in front of the station.

MAN 1: "Hey! White Tiger. Long time no see!"
WOMAN 1: "Huh? You're White Tiger, are you? I'm ÔMalin,' nice to meet you."
JHUN: "It has been a while. Nice to meet you, too, Malin. I enjoyed our little online chat."
CHOI: (White Tiger?)
MAN 1: "Who's this? You've brought a different friend today, haven't you?"
JHUN: "That's right."

Taken aback by Jhun being referred to as "White Tiger" and the unusual atmosphere of the twenty or so gathered here, Choi asks Jhun,
CHOI: "Uh, Master Jhun...just what is this group anyway, buddy boy?"
JHUN: "Uh, it's the Japanese chapter of the Athena Fan Club."
CHOI: "......."

Meanwhile, back in Korea, as a special homecoming treat (?) to the returning Chang, Kim resumes the usual regimen of harsh training.
KIM: "OK, just two sets more."
CHANG: "Huh?! Uh, yeah, okay...."
Regretting having thought that things would be a little bit better training back here in Korea, Chang hears the same phrases from Kim he has heard countless times over these past few years as he works on finishing his additional two sets.
KIM: "That reminds me. Jhun told me that there's going to be another KOF held this year."
CHANG: "Is it that time of year already...? Huh? So that means...."
KIM: "That's right. Beginning tomorrow we begin special training to get us ready for the tournament."
CHANG: (I saw that coming....)
Aside from the fact that it's the same old stuff and he's fed up with it, when he thinks about what Choi is probably going through, for different reasons, the same miserable circumstances that he went through one year ago, Chang mumbles:

CHANG: (Choi should be experiencing the true pain of training with Jhun right about now....)

MAN 2: "You got to admit that she's really hot in that sailor's uniform of hers."
JHUN: "And the costume she wore in her last concert was aces, too!"
WOMAN 2: "Yeah, she was so cute in that, wasn't she?"
MAN 3: "Yeah, but that costume was a little old-fashioned for my tastes...."
JHUN: "On the other hand, that's what was so cool about it.... Ha, ha, ha, I guess I'm turning into a middle-aged guy."

When the previous group moves to a different location, the conversation centering on stories concerning Athena perks up, but among the group one man stands silently alone for more than a few hours.
CHOI: (So this is what Chang was talking about, was it, buddy boy? ...This sure is worse than training.)

MAN 4: "For me personally, I forgot about it some time ago, but that Chinese dress costume she wore in the King of Fighters a few years ago was really cool."
MAN 5: "Yeah! Did you know she had a white one like that, too? It was so hot; it made her look like a nurse."
JHUN: "Hey, that's the first time I heard about that. As far as I'm concerned...."
MAN 5: "Heh, heh. As a matter of fact, I got a picture of that. I have it posted on my homepage, so please download it. Ah, by the way, it's on one of my secret pages. Here you go."
JHUN: "Hey, thanks."
MAN 1: Ah, all this about KOF reminds me that I heard that KOF is going to be held again this year. I saw it somewhere on some BBS."
MAN 3: "So Athena must be entering, then, huh? ...What are you going to do this time? Are you going to organize a tour?"
MAN 1: "I haven't told anyone about it officially ...But keep your eyes out for it."
MAN 4: "But...what do you suppose her costume'll be this year? Maybe a shrine maiden? Maybe even a maid costume?"
MAN 2: "So that's what you're into, is it?!"
EVERYONE: (Wah, hah, hah) [Of course one among the group doesn't see the humor here.]
WOMAN 2: "By the way, what are you going to do ÔWhite Tiger?' You entered last year, didn't you?"
WOMAN 1: "Huh? Are you in the fighting game, White Tiger?"
MAN 1: "Yeah, he does tae kwon do. So, what about it?"
JHUN: "Yeah, I'm figuring on entering."
MAN 5: "Then maybe you can fight Athena. ...But don't you dare hurt her!"
JHUN: "Yeah, I may go up against her...but if I do, I must face her as a fighter at that time. And since it's a match for keeps, getting injured goes with the territory. ...For someone like Athena, me holding back would be an insult."
At this time only, Jhun reveals his true self.
And those comrades who also held the same interests as Jhun, listen intently to his opinions as a fighter....
JHUN: "But I definitely plan to get her autograph!"
MAN 3: "Gag...Sounds like the White Tiger really is a White Tiger. For a moment there I thought you'd become somebody else."
MAN 4: "But, man, you are so lucky, getting to grapple with Athena."
JHUN: "Ha, ha, ha. Then why don't you join my little friend here and I'll train you in the ways of tae kwon do."
MAN 4: "Training, well that's a little...nah, screw that!"
EVERYONE: (Wah, hah, hah) [Of course one among the group still doesn't see the humor here.]

MAN 1: "Well, let's move on to the next party, shall we?"

CHOI: (I'm saved.)
Choi is a little curious about the plans for the second party, but he's glad for the time being that things are drawing to an end here....

CHOI: "So, uh, what's the agenda for the second party, buddy boy?"
JHUN: "Karaoke!"
At last, something he can get into! Choi's expression brightens up.
CHOI: "Oh, karaoke! It's been a while, buddy boy. What are we going to sing, buddy boy?"
JHUN: "Uh, we're only going to sing Athena songs there. We always do that."
CHOI: "What?"
JHUN: "You should take advantage of this opportunity, Choi, and learn a few Athena tunes before we go back home. Then you'll be able to sing along at the next concert."

CHOI: (Master Chang...Get me out of here...!)

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