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King of Fighters '99
Storyline of King of Fighters '99, The
KIM: "Hey, you clowns! You're late!!!"
CHANG: "Huff, puff...wait a sec, please, Master Kim...wheez, cough...."
CHOI: "Huff, puff...You're a little...too fast there, buddy boy...."
KIM: "What am I to do if this makes you whine?! I'm not winded at all! Just how long have you guys been training with me anyway? You're slacking off. Give me two more laps!"
CHANG: "...Huh?...Please, Master, cut us some slack! ...Wheez, cough...."

The same three are in the midst of their usual training at the usual location. Just as they are about to enter their third lap of their usual running course, a lone man stands before the three, blocking their way.

MAN: "You're looking fit."
KIM: "...You!!!"
MAN: "I guess I should exchange pleasantries about how long it's been, eh, Kim?"
KIM: "It sure has been a while, eh, Jhun? When did you get here?"

CHANG, CHOI: (Kim...?? ...Jhun? ...Who is this bozo?)
Kim takes an unusually polite tone toward his visitor; moreover, he talks with him as if they've been life-long friends.

CHOI: "Uh, is he one of your old friends, buddy boy?"
KIM: "Uh, pretty much...."
JHUN: "Hey, that's pretty rude!"
He looks a little questioning as he cuts Kim off.
JHUN: "Old friends? Hmph, poppycock! I acknowledge that we were both disciples of the same teacher, but I don't remember being 'friends.' I'd hope you'd be more precise in your answers."
KIM: "...So you're still carrying a grudge against me?"

CHANG, CHO: (Whoa...I sense a little friction here....)

KIM: "It's been this way for a long time...I don't even know how it got like this...."
JHUN: "Hmph...Whatever. That's not why I've come here today."
KIM: "I guess not. So, what in the name of the flying phoenix brings you here?"
JHUN: "I saw that documentary about you on TV recently, and gagged on your comments about "rehabilitation." Of course I saw it via satellite."
KIM: "Oh, stop, you're embarrassing me..."
JHUN: "Don't be silly. You can embarrass yourself all on your own."
KIM: "Huh...?"
JHUN: "If you think you can "rehabilitate" people with your methods, you're really quite the anachronism, pal!"
KIM: "That may be but I'll rehabilitate these two according to my methods. My methods are neither new nor old. In a word, it's all about results or the lack thereof, and new does not necessarily mean good."
JHUN: "But that's how it was broadcast to the world. You've made everyone think the people of our country are a bunch of primitives, and I can't stomach that. And what you said was nothing but self-promotion."
KIM: "...So, it can't be that you've come all the way here simply to admonish me, have you?"
JHUN: "How perceptive. I've learned all the teachings of tae kwon do just like you, and I've come here to have you acknowledge my abilities."
KIM: "You are my good trusty rival, and I acknowledge your ability. Satisfied?"
JHUN: "OK, now I want you to entrust one of your charges to me."

CHANG, CHOI: "Say what, Goldilocks?!!!"

JHUN: "Since I left here I have absorbed and studied various matters without being shackled by tradition and formalism. I want to make the most of that and rehabilitate one of these two with my logical and calculated methods, not your primitive and out-of-date voodoo. Then We'll see then just whose ideas are correct."

Chang and Choi, listening to the exchange between the two, have different ideas.
CHANG: (Hey, things aren't looking very good for us.)
CHOI: (Things ain't no picnic now, I can't tolerate this alone, buddy boy!)
KIM: "But...."
CHOI: "Yeah, buddy boy, we deserve a little preparation for something like this."
CHANG: "I don't care whether he's a fellow disciple or not, there's no way I'll let this guy boss me around."

KIM: "...Very well. It may be a good chance for one of them to see more of the outside world. I leave it all up to you."

CHANG, CHOI: "Huuuuuu-uh!!!"

KIM: "Would entrusting the mighty Chang to you be acceptable?"
JHUN: "Ah, a physical brute, is it? It's someone worth teaching; he'll do just fine."
CHANG: "N-No, uh, uh, M-Master Kim...Why?"
JHUN: "Well, then let's hop right to it. I have no time to lose, so I'll ask you to get your stuff in order right away, Chang."
CHANG: "Hey, don't I get to say...? Huh? ...Right away?"
JHUN: "That's right. I've got to return on this evening's flight."
CHANG: "What? 'Flight'? ...Just where am I going, anyway?"
JHUN: "Japan, big guy."
CHANG: "Wh...aaaat?!!!"
KIM: "Didn't I mention that Jhun is living in Japan these days?"

Korea, a few months later.

CHOI: "Nine...eighteen...nineteen...nine...Hyah...Argh...Hah!"
KIM: "OK, take a break."
CHOI: "Hah, hah...."
KIM: "Ah, that's right. I got a letter from Chang in Japan."
CHOI: "Really?! A letter from Chang, buddy boy?!"
KIM: "Hold on there, pal!"

A few minutes later when Choi gets a letter from Kim, he quickly opens the envelope and reads the letter inside.

It's been a few months since I left our country, so how's it going? Well, I'm sure you're making the best of this.
Unlike our training up till now, I've been using a bunch of training machines and fill my time training as efficiently as possible.
So since I don't spend all my days training, it's pretty easy on me physically but the problem is what to do with the remaining time. This clown's making me study. Study! It seems that Jhun is a teacher at a Japanese School here, and in my spare time I'm taught things like general education and sports dynamics, and the last one is the most intense. I'd rather be dead than studying!
If things keep up this way, I'd rather be dealing with Kim...No, instead of that, I just want to know how long this is going to go on! Well, I don't want to bring you down, because I know we're both in one pretty pickle. Keep your sharp things up!

P.S., Give the other letter from Jhun in this envelope to Kim, will you?

CHOI: (Letter?)
Choi gives the envelope another going over and out pops a smaller envelope.
CHOI: "Master Kim, this is for you. It seems to be from Master Jhun, buddy boy."
KIM: "What?"
Kim opens the envelope and reads it over, grunting in agreement as he goes over its contents.
KIM: "Choi, starting tomorrow we begin a special new regimen."

Yaaah! Waaaaah! Kyaaaah!
ATHENA: "Thanks everyone, now for my first song, 'Banged-up Blue Moon'!"
ATHENA: "Stop! Please, no more! Don't go and break my heart..."

CHANG: "Uh, Master Jhun..."
JHUN: "Oh, she's heaven.... Huh? What is it, Chang?"
CHANG: "Is this also part of my training?"

JHUN: "No, this is recreation."
CHANG: "......"

JHUN: "Well, well, is that so. It looks like there going to hold the King of Fighters again."
CHANG: "Yup."
JHUN: "And it looks like we're going to be entering with Kim and Choi. He says that we can see just whose method is the best in this tournament."
CHANG: "So, what will happen to us?"
JHUN: "I guess you can look forward to returning to society if you perform well enough in the tournament."
CHANG: "R-Really?"
JHUN: "So you should start working hard for the tournament. Hmm, you look a flabby there. How about cheering along with me? Tones up the stomach muscles, you know."

CHANG: "......"

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