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King of Fighters '96
Storyline of King of Fighters '96, The
Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge. The familiar twosome who have been forced to train together under Kim's direction are bellyaching over their plight.
CHOI: "Aah. Just how long have we been here anyhow, buddy-boy Chang?
CHANG: "How the devil should I know?"
The giant figure silently polishes his prized steel ball.
CHOI: "How unlucky can we get? If only we could have joined up with Rugal in the last KOF, we would be sitting pretty right now, eh, buddy boy?"

CHANG: "Thanks to that clown, here we are! What a joke! That tae kwon do creep! Just what does he plan to do with us?!"
CHOI: "H-hey, Chang, pipe down there, buddy boy. If Kim hears you, we'll be in big trouble!"
CHANG: "Say what?! Choi! Even if I shout it out, there's no way Kim'll hear me in these boonies!"
A shadowy figure suddenly pounces down from above.
KIM: "What? What's going on here? Hey, you two! You aren't slacking off on your training, are you?"
CHANG, CHOI:: "Yeek! Yikes! It's Kim!!!"
Chang and Choi let out a squeal. Kim appears between the two. They sense the anger in his calm voice.
KIM: "And just who's the tae kwon do creep of whom you speak?"
CHANG, CHOI:: "N-no...We didn't say that...."
The two respond timidly, almost inaudibly.
KIM: "Well, it seems like my teachings have fallen on deaf ears. So! Both of you! Back to the drawing board!"
CHANG, CHOI: "Aaaagh! Save us!!!"

Night has fallen, and the three, wrapped in darkness, take some time off for dinner.
CHOI: (Aw, man. Thanks to Chang, we're really in a pickle.)
CHANG: (Jeesh. Nothing gets by that Kim. You call this justice?! I've had it!)
KIM: "What's wrong? You two don't look so good."
CHOI: "Huh?! No, I'm in the pink, buddy boy!"
CHANG: "Yeah, me too. It's just your imagination, Master Kim."
KIM: "Oh, really? If that's the case, forget it! By the way, you two, it looks like your training is beginning to pay off."
CHANG: "Yeah, you know? I think it has. (But, holy heave-ho, am I tired!)
CHOI: "You said it, buddy boy. Compared with the past, I feel so much lighter on my feet. (That should butter him up, yeah!)
KIM: "OK! So we can face this year's KOF with real assurance!"
CHANG, CHOI: : "Huh?! KOF?!"
KIM: "Yeah, I forgot to tell you two about it, but I've entered us in this year's KOF and sent in the application."
CHANG: "Whagh. We have to go through that again, Master Kim?"

CHOI: "Yeah, I'm fed up with going through all that effort for no payoff."
KIM: "What did you say?"
Kim glares at the two threateningly for an instant.
CHANG: "N-no, I'm just dying to see how much stronger I've become."
CHOI: "Y-yeah, buddy boy. What an opportunity. It'll be a great test of our ability!"
The two lose no time covering their butts.
KIM: "Won't it, though?"
CHANG: (Y-you gotta be joking.)
CHOI: (You said it, buddy boy.)
KIM: "And this time there's a special reason for entering."
CHANG, CHOI:: "A special reason...?"
KIM: "Yeah, that's right. If we win this time around, your rehabilitation will be complete."
CHANG: "Th-then you mean we'll...?"
KIM: "If we're able to win this year's KOF, that means you possess a sound spirit and body. In other words, you will have become rehabilitated enough to strike out on your own."
CHANG, CHOI:: "A-all right!"
KIM: "So, it's decided! From tomorrow we'll double the training regimen for KOF."
CHANG, CHOI:: "Wh-what?!"
KIM: "Huh? Do you have any problem with that?"
Kim's eyes flash mischievously.
CHOI: "N-No way, buddy boy!"
CHANG: "Hearing that makes me all the more psyched!"
KIM: "So starting tomorrow your training will get even tougher. Hope you're up to it!"
CHANG: "I'm up to it! (If that's what it takes to get away from you, I'll do anything!)
CHOI: "I'm gonna train my patootie off, buddy boy! (And when it's over I'll say goodbye to you, you tae kwon do dope.)"

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