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King of Fighters '01
Storyline of King of Fighters 2001, The
Here is the location of an ancient temple, secluded among steep mountains. It has already begun to grow dark, and the characteristic silhouettes of China's mountain ranges become distinctly visible.
"Ooh, Kensou. I can't shoot a Psycho Ball!"
"It's okay, Bao. You'll get out of your slump in no time."
Picking up a snatch of mountain plants with his chopsticks, Bao still looks as if he's about to cry. Kensou goes out of his way to cheer up Bao, who has been down in the dumps for quite a while.
"But, Kensou, you still can't shoot a Super Sphere, can you...?"
"Uh, d-do you have to rub salt in the wounds, Bao? Well, at any rate, all we have between us is training! Right?! Bao?!"
"...Uh...yeah, I I'll keep on trying!"
"That's right, that's right! That's the old pepper!"
Although Kensou says this with a smile on his face, deep down in his heart, there is anything but peace of mind."
Kensou's psychic power still forsakes him...As if to keep his mind off this, Kensou stuffs his face with food.
"Athena! Another helping, please!"
"Huh?! Kensou, that's you're third bowl of rice already. Something the matter?"
Athena, who's in charge of tonight's meal, looks worried.
"I'm okay. I've got a lead-lined stomach, you know."
Chin, who had been watching the turn of events beforehand, speaks:
"If his power won't come back, he needs to get his stamina in other ways."
"Yeah, that sounds reasonable, Master."
"Yah, ha, ha, Master, Athena. You are both so off the mark."

Athena and Chin continue their conversation long into the night, even after Kensou and Bao have fallen asleep.
"Master. What do you think...about Kensou and Bao's predicament...?"
"Hmm. How can I put this...?"
Chin thinks this out while sipping on his tea.
At that time...when Kensou and Bao made contact, it appeared that their psychic power had risen up to the heavens. Given that, I thought both of them would achieve balance with their psychic powers and return to normal, but....
...In reality, Bao became unable to shoot a Psycho Ball and Kensou's powers have not shown the slightest sign of returning to normal....
But the energy that coursed through Bao's body was absorbed by Kensou, wasn't it? And if that's the case, then, why doesn't Kensou's power return to normal?'s all a mystery, it is....
After a while, Chin offers his conclusion to Athena.
"Hey, Athena...I've thought about it and I don't have an answer. I guess it's enough that they're healthy."
"...Yeah...I guess so. If both of them are healthy, I can't ask for anything more."
After reaching this conclusion, the two give each other a smile.

Morning comes with the cheep, cheep, cheeping of the tunes of the songbirds. Bao and Kensou are in the midst of their early morning training.
"Ninety-nine...100...Wah! I'm beat."
"That's the spirit, Kensou! You've accomplished today's quota for push-ups."
"Huff, puff...of course I did...No way training like this is going to poop me out...I'm in tip-top condition!"
Or so Kensou protests, but deep down he's beyond wiped out.
"Well, then, show me a Super Sphere, will you?!"
"What?! Right now?!"
"But you said when you're in tip-top condition you said you'd be able to do it, didn't you?"
"Yeah, I guess I did...All right, then! I'm pumped now! Time to serve one up!!!"
Undaunted, Kensou leaps to his feet and assumes the position.
"Hah! Super Sphere!"
Kensou's fists grow hot. OH! MAYBE THIS IS IT!
As he concentrates all his might, his fists begin to grow hotter and hotter, and after a while a sphere of light appears.
"Awesome! Way to go, Kensou!!!"
As if encouraged by Bao's voice, the lump of light begins to enlarge steadily.
What?! The moment he thinks, "Was the Super Sphere really this big before?!" the wad of energy leaves his hands and takes off at a good clip.
Along with the thundering roar, the ball of energy released by Kensou knocks down a tree standing in front of them.
"Wah-ooh! I rule! ...Uh-oh...."
"Kesou! Kensou!"
Kensou's eyes roll back into his head as he falls to the ground in a bundle....
"Whoa...Who'd of thought Kensou was capable of that...."
Athena nurses over a sleeping Kensou. Next to her stands Chin, who has heard about this morning's training session from Bao. After training to exhaustion, Kensou summoned up his Super Sphere. Perhaps Kensou's power may be stifled by his subconscious? And maybe that's where Bao's power resides as well....
"OK, I've reached my decision. I was wavering for a while, but we're going to enter this year's KOF tournament."
"What, Master? But Kensou's laid up in bed and Bao's power still hasn't returned..."
"That is exactly why we're entering the tournament. If we enter the tournament, it may bring about some change like the previous one, and we may get better results than we'd get continuing along at this rate."
"...Yeah, I guess so. If we enter the tournament, we should find some answers."
"I hope I get my psychic power back. And the same goes for Kensou, of course!"
"You said it. I get the feeling something may happen this time around, but this tournament rarely goes off without a hitch, you know."
"That's it! Kensou, Bao, and Athena too, this may all work out for our benefit."
Beside the sleeping Kensou, all come to a new resolve.

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