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King of Fighters '99
Storyline of King of Fighters '99, The
FATHER: "Please, I beg you. Just save the life of this child."
Deep in the mountains, somewhere in China. A father pleads before his fellow villagers, desperately trying to keep his composure upon learning the bad news concerning his wife's fate and his newborn son.
VILLAGER 1: "I'm sorry...We're in a bad way ourselves."
VILLAGER 2: "As the village elder said, this day your child was born on is a cursed day that occurs only once every 200 years. He will certainly bring misfortune in the future. So we can't turn a blind eye to this."
VILLAGER 3: "Here, here. I empathize with your continuing misfortune.... Please take your time bidding farewell to your son and wife today."
Upon speaking their piece, the few villagers leave the ill-fated household. That night, the family vanishes from the mountain village....
[283 days before the tournament for Chin Gentsai]
CHIN: "Hmm, I understand your tale. I will take care of this child. There is another in my custody who possesses the same powers as this child. These children can only be understood by others of their own ilk and spending time among people of similar gifts may do him some good."
HEAD PRIEST: "You lighten me of a heavy load allowing me to leave this child in your care."
CHIN: "But I'm honestly quite surprised to learn of still others who are able to use psychic powers. Were there any portents of this?"
HEAD PRIEST: "No, it happened all of a sudden a few days ago. Until then he was no different than any other child.... I had no idea when his father entrusted me with this child's care that he possessed such abilities...."
CHIN: "This sudden display of ability is what worries me though.... So, have you spoken about his family with the child?"
HEAD PRIEST: "No, I haven't, but it looks like he knows."
CHIN: "Really...? Well, I'll look after him with the intention of furthering his abilities, but I'll leave any decisions about the future up to the boy."
[280 days before the tournament for Sie Kensou]
"I thought I'd always have it."
"World peace, extrasensory powers, training with Athena."
"My training is for that coming day...when one appears to threaten peace...It is then my training will pay off."
"And life will begin in the service of peace...."
" long as peace training with Athena...."
"This my sole source of happiness...."
"I thought I'd always have it"
KENSOU: "Super Sphere!"
KENSOU: "That's bizarre...I'm really off my game today!"
ATHENA: "Are you OK? Are you coming down with something?"
KENSOU: "No, I don't think so... Ha, ha, I'm OK. A-OK! I'll be all right after a good night's sleep."

Since then...since Athena asked, "Are you coming down with something?"...I realized it then....
"...My psychic's gone...."
"I thought I'd always have it."
"There are a lot more guys who are stronger than me."
"We're not training just to become stronger."
"You're right, because we have this power..."
"If I'm not a psycho soldier...If I don't have my psychic power...."
"There's no reason for stay here...any longer."
"I thought I'd always have it."
"I've a mere human being...."
"Could it affect me...this the end?"
"I thought I'd always have it."
KENSOU: "How long will I be able to stay here?"
[156 days before the tournament for Bao]
BAO: "Kensou! I-I can fire a Psycho Ball now! Hey, look! Look!"
As he assumes his stance a short distance from Kensou, he unleashes his Psycho Ball attack.
KENSOU: "Wow, impressive! If I don't stay on the ball, you just may become tougher than me."
BAO: "Heh, heh, heh. Xie xie. Now show me your stuff. I want to see your psychic power. I hope you get better soon."
KENSOU: "When I get my power back, I'll show you anytime you want. I'll show you a huge Psycho Ball the size of...."
BAO: "Yeah, for sure. For sure. Promise me!"
KENSOU: (Yeah, IF I regain my power...that is.)
[71 days before the tournament for Athena Asamiya]
MANAGER: "What's wrong, Athena? You look a little down...hope it's not stage fright."
ATHENA: "No, that's not it...I'm sorry. I'm just worried about a friend of mine...."
ATHENA: "I know he's in a bad state, but there is nothing I can do for him."
MANAGER: "Oh, really... But you have to forget about that now and get in that peppy Athena mood of yours. If you don''ll let down your fans."
ATHENA: "...Yes! You're right. I'm sorry to make you worried too."
MANAGER: "No problem! Hey, you're on! You're fans await you!"

Waaah! Yeaaaaaah! Woo-hooooh!
ATHENA: "Hey, everybody!! Hello!!"
ATHENA: "Thank you for coming tonight!! I'm happy so many of you could make it!! (...Huh?)"
She cocks her head to the side when she sees a familiar face in the audience.
ATHENA: (Chang? Why would he be at my concert? Not only that, what's he doing here in Japan? And I don't see Kim...or Choi either. Has something happened? ...Naw, it can't be him.)
Yaaah! Waaaaah! Kyaaaah!
ATHENA: "Thanks everyone, now for my first song, ÔBanged-up Blue Moon'!"
ATHENA: "Stop! Please, no more! Don't go and break my heart..."

[64 days before the tournament for the Psycho Soldier Team]
CHIN: "They say that the King of Fighters is going to be held again this year. I think we'll have to enter again. Since we need a team of four this time around, I'll be joining you three, if you all don't mind?"
ATHENA, BAO: "All right!"
KENSOU: "Ha, ha, ha. This four-member rule has saved my butt. If it weren't for that, I'd be sitting on the sidelines for sure. Ha, ha, ha."
CHIN: "...So, this may be a little tough on you, Bao, since you've only been with us a short time, but I this is one way to see how you are coming along with your training."
BAO: "OK, sir. I'll do my best!"
ATHENA: "We're behind you, Bao!"
CHIN: "And there's one more thing..."
Chin looks over to Kensou.
KENSOU: "Huh, what's up, Master? Oh, Master, what's with the stink eye? Ha, ha, ha, I'm OK. I'll make sure I won't hold you guys back. I haven't just been going through the motions with my training here. Even if I can't use my psychic powers, I still can show you easily I can win."
CHIN: "That's not it, Kensou."
KENSOU: "........"
CHIN: "I'm hoping you'll find some way to regain your powers through this tournament. So whether you win or lose is of secondary importance."
ATHENA: "Yeah, you may just recover them while you're in the middle of battle. If one battle's not enough, then it'll be the second or third, and we'll do our darndest to increase your chances. So give it your best shot and concentrate on regaining your psychic powers."
KENSOU: "Athena...Thank you. I'll do my best...and then some."

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