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King of Fighters '97
Storyline of King of Fighters '97, The
KENSOU: "Whoa, there's a mountain of them this time."
For the two of them so far, mail was something that only came once in a while, but recently things have changed. Whenever Chin has come back from the city these days, he has returned with mountains of mail.
ATHENA: "Since we appeared in last year's KOF, we've been getting loads of mail."
KENSOU: "Of course. That's because we showed the world our heroics on TV."
CHIN: "But there's no mail for you in this batch, sonny."
KENSOU: "That's not true, Master. I've got quite a bit myself."
CHIN: "So you're happy to get hate mail and envelopes with razor blades from Athena's twisted male admirers, are you?"
KENSOU: "...But..."
Kensou shrinks a few inches from shame.
KENSOU: "...So why does the Master get fan letters too while I only get letters from guys telling me to stay away from Athena? ...Mumble, grumble...."
CHIN: "Here we go again with the mumbling. Guess I better give him some space."
Just then Athena finds one letter for the dejected Kensou.
ATHENA: "What's this? Hey, Kensou, it looks like you got a letter from a female admirer."
KENSOU: "Grumble, mumble...What's that? A female admirer? ...Woo-hoo! All right! I got a letter from a girl. A letter!"
Kensou takes the letter from Athena and when he scans over the content, his expression changes completely, his face beams with a big smile on it.
CHIN: "But...I didn't enter you in KOF to have you become a couple of celebrities."
KENSOU: "We know, Master."
ATHENA: "That's right, Master."
CHIN: "Well, then, as long as you know that."
Chin becomes troubled by what he sees. The two have trained thoroughly since the end of the last year's tournament, of course, and, if anything, they've worked harder at it than before, so there's no problem there, but the youth of these two does worry him. If they keep this up, Chin is anxious that they may one day misunderstand their calling.
KENSOU: "So what about this year? What about the King of Fighters?"
CHIN: "I'm contemplating that very matter now, but this year I think we should sit it out."
ATHENA: "Whatever for?"
CHIN: "The last time around you two were so hungry for it and I entered you for the sake of training. Mind you, I was pleased with your performancesÑyou both did so well. Your training has proven more effective than I could have dreamed. I can't praise you two enough."
KENSOU: "Then we should do it again this year and see how much more we've improved, shouldn't we?"
CHIN: "But last year's event was so big and everyone made such a fuss over you."
ATHENA: "This mountain of mail is certainly evidence of that and we got all those requests from magazines and TV for interviews, and a whole bunch of other stuff."
CHIN: "I want you two to train at your own pace in a quiet environment, cut off from the stimulus of the outside world. And if I've said it once I've said it a million times, your power is to be used when the time comes to save people, so I have my reservations about you two becoming media superstars."
KENSOU: "Yeah, you do have a point. Well, if that's the way you feel, Master, there's no point in going out of the way to enter the tournament."
ATHENA: "You're right. Training is what's the most important to us."
CHIN: "So, you do understand me."
Chin, his disciples having passed his test, realizes KOF is something that Athena and Kensou, who spend their entire time training at this old temple, is the one thing they look forward to each year. It pains Chin to hear the lack of enthusiasm in their responses.

Evening. Having finished their days training, everyone takes a little free time of their own. Chin sets out for a walk, and the remaining two scan over the day's mail. Athena's glance falls on one letter in particular. It's a letter from a girl her own age. Athena reads the letter and reflects on it. Clearly moved, she shows it to Kensou.
KENSOU: "Wow, there are fans like this, too, I guess."
ATHENA: "I have to talk to the Master about this."
Athena takes the letter back from Kensou and approaches Chin, who has just returned from his walk.
KENSOU: "Ah, Athena, hold on."

ATHENA: "Master, may I have a word with you?"
CHIN: "What's the matter, Athena? Why so serious?"
ATHENA: "I've thought things over, and I think we should enter this year's King of Fighters."
Having said this, she hands Chin the letter.
Dear, Athena.
I watched you fight in last year's King of Fighters and became a fan of yours. As a result of a certain disease, I have become unable to walk, and after I was left the hospital, I became afraid to leave my house and stopped going to school. But one day a few months later I turned on the TV and saw the figure of a girl my age fighting against fearsome opponents. Some days later, I learned that girl was you, Athena, and no matter how many times you were knocked down you always got right back up. When I saw that you didn't get discouraged, I realized what a baby I had been and vowed to stop feeling sorry for myself. I resolved to work hard and started going to school again. From the fall I studied hard and was able to enter my first choice for high school
I owe this all to you. Thank you, Athena.
By the way, I hope you will enter this year's tournament, too. I'd like to be in the crowd and cheer for you in person.
I wish you all the best. And never give up.
ATHENA: "This letter made me realize that through our efforts we're emboldening people to do other things. Isn't that what we have been training for, Master? Isn't this one way to save people?"
KENSOU: "You said it. Naturally we can't save people if we just stick around here and train, but if we can inspire people to help themselves just by entering KOF, we'd be chumps to twiddle our thumbs here."

Kensou puts in his two cents, entering the room after hearing Athena's story in the adjoining room.
CHIN: "Hmm."
ATHENA: "And I think even if the environment for our training changes, there'll be no problem if we maintain a peaceful place within our hearts."
KENSOU: "Yeah, I'm with Athena."
CHIN: "OK, now you're just getting schmaltzy. But if you're that headset on it, then you just may be able to win this year."
ATHENA: "Well then, Master..."
CHIN: "It's good to follow your own beliefs, and I'd be a poor teacher to hinder you own self-discovery. You two seem to realize what you must do, so I have nothing more to say."
ATHENA, KENSOU: "Thank you."
KENSOU: "OK, this year I'm going to work hard so I get mountains of fan letters."
ATHENA: "Kensou! What are you saying? That's not the reason we're entering!"
CHIN: "I knew I was making a mistake...."
KENSOU: "Ah, lighten up, Master. I was just joking around."
CHIN: "Were you really...?"
Chin looks at Kensou doubtfully.
KENSOU: "I'm serious! Right, Athena?"
ATHENA: "Hmph, how should I know?"
KENSOU: "Geez, not you, too, Athena!"
Laughter echoes through the red sky of sunset. Chin takes a moment to reflect in the warmth of the moment.
CHIN: (I guess I don't have to worry about these kids having malleable minds susceptible to the vices that surround them. Those two kids have grown wiser without me knowing it, so I guess I'd better wise up, too. It's time to see how much they've grown in the past year. I just hope, though, we don't get caught up in some strange incident like the last time...Ah, man, I need drink.)

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