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King of Fighters '96
Storyline of King of Fighters '96, The
These voices echo deep, deep within a remote mountain region.
The voices come from an antiquated temple.
The figures of two people in training are barely discernible.
ATHENA: "OK! Let's call it a day."
KENSOU: "Whew, finished at last. I'm knackered."
ATHENA: "What's that, Kensou. How quick you are to complain!"
Kensou looks happy even while receiving Athena's tongue lashing.
Ah, Athena is always so strict, thinks Kensou. But that's just what he likes about her-and if he is able to be with Athena, training isn't so bad.
KENSOU: "Hey, isn't the Master later than usual. He left for the city this morning, but he hasn't returned yet."
ATHENA: "Come to think of it, he is pretty late."
KENSOU: "He's probably stopped somewhere for a little hootch, don't you think?"
ATHENA: "You're probably right. The master sure loves his liquor."
The two towel off as they wait for the return of their Master. Little do the disciples know just what their Master is up to now.

On a bustling city street, a throng of people surround two men.
A stubborn-looking man is facing off against an older man. The stubborn-looking man looks quite exhausted and his shoulders heave with each breath. The old man shows no evidence of exhaustion and appears to be enjoying the battle.
OLD MAN: "Hah!"
Along with this yell, the old man Chin Gentsai's special "Gourd Blast" move strikes his opponent. The stubborn-looking man can bear no more and lets out a moan.
MAN: "F-forgive me, old man. I accept your entry into the King of Fighters. Now please cut me some slack."
CHIN: "What? Is that all you've got? Kind of pathetic losing to a geezer like me, eh?"
The seemingly embarrassed man suddenly begins to speak as if remembering something important.
MAN: "Oh, by the way, old man. Have you heard about this year's KOF?"
CHIN: "What's that? Did you say the King of Fighters?"
MAN: "Yup. Unlike the competitions until now, this one has a variety of big corporate sponsors and will be extensively advertised on TV and in newspapers. And this year's official King of Fighters competition is sure to skyrocket in popularity. Hey, gramps, what's wrong?"
The old man hasn't heard a word this man has had to say.
The King of Fighters.

The three are enjoying an evening repast inside the antiquated mountain temple.
This night's meal is different from usual since the three are not enjoying their usually cheerful conversation.
ATHENA: "What do you think is the matter? The Master looks pretty down tonight."
KENSOU: "Yeah, he sure does. Quite a contrast to his normal self."
When the three conclude their meal, the old man begins to speak in a grave tone.
CHIN: "I have to discuss something with you two. Is that all right with you?"
KENSOU: "Huh? What is it, Master?"
CHIN: "To tell the truth, the King of Fighters tournament is coming up soon."
KENSOU: "Yeah, I've been seeing ads for it on TV recently."
CHIN: "What? You two know about it?"
Taken aback, the old man asks his disciples once again.
ATHENA: "With all those ads, you'd have to be living in a cave on Pluto not to know about it."
KENSOU: "Of course, we'll be entering, right? And this time it's all above board. So unlike last time, we won't be dealing with any plots. It'll be a good chance to see how far our abilities can take us."
ATHENA: "I agree with Kensou. Master, please enter us in the competition."
Listening to his disciples' conversation, Chin Gentsai recalls the previous KOF.
CHIN: (Last time Rugal did away with himself under his own power. There are many villains in this world, but a villain with that kind of power is rare. I've heard this year's competition is an official competition. It seems the sponsor's are on the level, and it just may be a real chance to test our true abilities, but....)
KENSOU: "Master!"
Kensou sticks his face in front of Chin Gentsai to break his silence.
KENSOU: "What's going on?"
CHIN: "Unh.... The reason for your training is to prepare you for the worst case scenario of oncoming evil, for one of you to save the most people possible.... This upcoming competition, however, has nothing to do with that. I don't think you should use your powers frivolously."
KENSOU: "Master. Testing our abilities is what our training's all about. And in the competitions up till now, droves of people have opposed and we've prevailed, haven't we? It's said that the frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean-do you want us to be a couple of frogs?"
ATHENA: "Well said! We're still a pair of greenhorns! Training ourselves in real combat is a valuable part of our training, I think."
CHIN: "...It appears that you two are more level-headed than I thought. Who'd have ever imagined the day that I'd be lectured by you two...."
KENSOU: "We're no longer a couple of kids, booger face!"
CHIN: "Funny. Oh...very well! OK, we'll enter the competition!"
KENSOU: "All right! That's the Master I've come to know and respect. You're on the ball!"
ATHENA: "Thank you, Master."
KENSOU: "Well, with that out of the way, I sure could use some more to eat."
ATHENA: "Again! Your such a piggy-poo!"
KENSOU: "Am not! After a good round of eloquent debate, it's only natural to get a little hungry! I'm going to show the whole world just how tough I really am."
ATHENA: "Kensou! If you don't take this seriously enough, you're going to show the world how bad you'll get whooped."
KENSOU: "All right, Athena! Push what you can push, pull what you can pull. I'm no longer the old Kensou."
ATHENA: "I hope so..."
Chin screws up his face as he warmheartedly gazes at the two. He speaks to himself:
CHIN: "As a matter of fact that's not the only reason why I don't want you to enter this year's KOF... I've got a real bad feeling about this year's competition.... I guess I'm crossing my bridges before I come to them, but...."

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