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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
Once there was a dread pirate who, upon claiming Soul Edge, became a creature of pure malevolence. Though defeated once, he managed to return to live through the intervention of the cursed sword's fragments. He gathered more and more fragments until he had enough to form one great weapon, formidable enough to be called a second Soul Edge. But one possibility had eluded him; the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, appeared and sealed Soul Edge's power away! Needless to say, his own body did not escape unscathed. Cervantes realized his flesh could decay at any moment. He had no time to lose; this spirit sword must be buried once and for all!

As Cervantes' body failed, he sought souls in vast numbers to hold it together. The souls he absorbed becamse an army in his service, and he soon found himself once again a mighty pirate in command of an undead armada. He even went so far as to attack his own daughter, Ivy; and by feasting on her soul, rich and ripe, he gained tremendous power.

But calamity struck again. An evil wave swept across the world. The cursed sword had freed itself from the spirit sword and regained it's full power! His own Soul Edge responded in turn, and tried to pull away from him and treturn to it's other half. After a brief deliberation, Cervantes decided to let it go. Once the cursed sword was whole, he would seize it for his own.

To replace his lost blade, Cervantes chose a sword that was an old friend. But no sooner had he clutched the longsword's hilt than it became a cursed weapon. Such raw, overwhelming power! Now no one could stop him.

"Wait and see, Soul Edge, I'll be the one to claim you, and all the world with you!

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