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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Storyline of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
"You're the only one since Seimei who's worthy. Accept the power of the Four Deities."
Akari awoke in a room of the grand house of Ichijo. A four-coloured bell at her bedside casually placed beside her.
The maw of Hell's Gate still remains open in the sky. The particulars concerning it a few months ago--as far as Akari could tell--was that its influence on this world has not abated. And it surely was the cause of her older sister's ailment subsequent to the incident.
Genbo, her father, called to her still groggy daughter. "Listen carefully. The 'Battle Coliseum' of which everyone speaks..."
"What?! Hell's Gate is the result of the Battle Coliseum...? I'll put an end to this! Let me at'em!"
"Take a chill pill, Akari! Can't you ever wait till I've finished what I'm saying?!"

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