Bachou Mouki (Koihime Enbu) says...
Wash your face and come back!
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Resurrection and Revenge
Storyline of CyberGladiators
Leader of the Alliance CyberGladiators, Sergeant Mayhem is a dangerous war machine. Mayhem possesses an uncanny sense of strategy and a deadly inventory of hand-to-hand combat techniques. This same combination of skills was once the trademark of Sergeant Tark Baxton, who was killed in the Gy Djin assault five decades earlier. Many believe Baxton's life force has returned from its restless dormancy in the form of Sergeant Mayhem. If so, he will once again face his nemesis, Master Pain, the Gy Djin leader who oversaw his murder. Mayhem's special tactics include military-style kicks, punches, and throws.

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