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Soul Calibur V
Storyline of Soul Calibur 5
After slumbering for more than a dozen years, Soul Calibur awoke when it sensed the rebirth of Soul Edge. But the spirit sword had a problem: its previous host, Siegfried, had grown wary of its power, and no longer possessed a will worthy to wield it.

Soul Calibur seeks a host that shares its calling - someone who despises Soul Edge and its minions, and has the will to destroy them.

While searching for traces of the cursed sword, Soul Calibur stumbled upon a potential new host. The young man's mind was still immature, and he had a small amount of evil energy within him, but his sense of duty was incredible.

The name of the worthy human was Patroklos Alexandra. The spirit sword changed to a form more suitable for the young man, in anticipation of the day that fate would bring them together.

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