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Elemental Revolt
Storyline of Battle High: San Bruno
Shinji is the youngest son of the Ozawa family. Both of Shinji's parents are air elementals, so he was believed to be a blessing and treated like the favorite child, unlike his siblings, who were Earth elementals. Despite their parents' favoritism, Shinji's elder brother, Jiro, protected him and was his best friends for many years. Sick of being constantly praised and protected though, Shinji joined "The Rivals" upon entering high school to break free from the oppression he felt. Quickly becoming the gang's leader, Shinji felt satisfied; however, still felt the irritating presence of his over-protective brother. Now blaming Jiro for the tragic disappearance of his girlfriend, Michelle, Shinji has placed Jiro on the top of the gang's to make his last year a nightmare.
Jiro is Shinji's step brother
Mai is Shinji's girlfriend

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