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Elemental Revolt
Storyline of Battle High: San Bruno
Arvid Romm was a foreign exchange student from Switzerland. In America, he went to his first comic book convention and fell in love. He loved how heroic and fearless comic book heroes were and started donning a capr and acting like one. Most people thought it was humorous, but not the bullies at his school, who found themselves on the knuckle-end of his justice-loving fists. Arvid thought he was special, and in reality, he was a light-footed, wind elemental. When word got out, he was transferred to San Bruno where he learned that he was special but not alone, which made him dream of starting his own super hero league of sorts. Upon hearing rumors of a ghastly figure terrorizing the halls, Arvid heads out to solve the mystery and stop this menace.
Arvid is bitter rivals with Bryan

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