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Elemental Revolt
Storyline of Battle High: San Bruno
Jiro is the middle child of the Ozawa family and has lived in San Bruno all of his life. Jiro and his younger brother, Shinji, have always been very close. Jiro always believed it was his duty to protect his younger brother no matter what; however, Shinji came to resent this over-protective quality. Upon entering high school, Jiro encountered "The Rivals" and was invited to join them, but refused, becoming an enemy, protecting students from the gang's grasp. Distressed and conflicted to hear Shinji had joined the gang, Jiro continued to secretly watch over his younger brother as he soon became the gang's leader. After a turbulent summer, Jiro returns to school as one of the gang's prime targets as it's commanded by his younger brother. He now must fight to survive his final year without ever giving up his duty of protecting those in need.
Jiro is Shinji's step brother
Khai is bitter rivals with Jiro

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