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Bloody Roar 4
Storyline of Bloody Roar 4
It's been one year since the Crest Incident. Busujima could not get any good
results in the end, and spends his days in a lonely depression.

When the "Beastman Rampage Incident" started to cause noise around the world,
he stood, newly resolute!

"If I just lie around like this, I'll never catch the legendary animal and make
a new kind of beastman!"

Busujima headed into the mountains, searching for the animal. There, he met a
white fox. Not seeing Busujima, the fox got up and left the area.

"There's a legend in Japan about a nine-tailed fox, right? Alright, then!
Let's go catch that fox and build it up!!"

In the end, will Busujima be able to capture the fox?

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