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Pre History
"Why did this worm stop moving?"
It was a pure child curiosity. Why is this creature moving? Curiosity made him dissect insects. The boy was not brutal to tear off insect's tentacles or legs. He was only inquisitive for the insect. His grandma said, "The insect is dead." And after a while his grandma also stopped moving. He became very lonely. He wanted to know why living creatures would die. However, when he tried to see the constitution of the creature, it died. "But I do not want it to die....I want it keep on moving." "Y-E-S, I w-a-n-t IT mo-vi-n-g, e-v-e-n if the body is dissected, even if the tentacles are torn off, even if legs are cut off, or even if its head is chopped off."
"Yea.....I've GOT a good idea. How about making a creature which would not die even when its head is cut off, or tentacles or legs are torn off! Gya ha, ha..... Then everybody should be happy!!"

Busuzima is bitter rivals with Stun

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