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Bloody Roar Series

Terry Bogard (King of Fighters '95, The) says...
Even though it took only a few seconds, good fight!
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As time passed..Release Battle Line of Zoanthropes
URIKO is a junior high school student in the second grade, and the tragedy in the past is erased from her mind completely. But one day her mother is kidnapped. When URIKO notices her mother is abducted, she beastorizes herself for the first time in several years to rescue her mother, but she gets mental limit in deep phase because she is overwhelmed by the enormous beastorizing force, therefore becomes a halfway figure of a cat. Being formidable to beat mother easily, although mother is said to be the strongest among Zoanthropes, the kidnapper is not URIKO's opponent, and URIKO's mother is taken away.
Wishing to have mighty strength for rescuing mother and to find some clue, URIKO visits a Chinese Zoanthrope named LONG SHIN who is a martial artist.

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