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Soul Calibur V
Storyline of Soul Calibur 5
Patroklos' father, a blacksmith named Rothion, often spoke of the boy's missing mother. Sophitia, he said, was as fair as she was strong, and wise as she was just. He regaled young Patroklos with tales of her divine mission to save the world from chaos by destroying the cursed sword Soul Edge. Patroklos dreamed of someday becoming a holy warrior himself, and of finally meeting his mother.

But at the age of 15, on the very night he won his first sword-fighting tournament, Patroklos' life would change forever. His father, in the throes of a terrible illness, revealed the truth of the family's tragic past: Sophitia had fallen in battle to a group of malfested - those whose souls had been poisoned by Soul Edge. Furthermore, Patroklos had a sister, Pyrrha, who had been abducted by a malfested woman wielding a ring blade.

Vowing to find his sister and avenge his mother, Patroklos studied under several masters of the fighting arts. With frail conviction and false confidence, he honed himself into a weapon of vengeance.

Finally, after years of training, Patroklos leared that Graf Dumas of Hungary was recruiting warriors to hunt down and destroy the malfested. He quickly bid farewell to his homeland.

"I'm coming for you, malfested. The sword of justice shows no mercy!"

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