Kasumi Todoh (SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom) says...
Huff, puff... y-you're nothing... special...whew!
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Tylon's Intrigue
Fox's mind is warped and his esthetic sense heightened to the extreme. He is obsessed with beauty and despises ugly things, boasting his good looks and publicly declaring all else ugly. Abandoned by his parents as a child and raised in the slums, no nastiness was below him in his solitary existence. Thus in his teens, he grew into a well-known scoundrel. He earned the name Fox from his wariness, despite his youth, and cruelty in beating up even the very weakest. He works for the Organization in the same unit as Bakuryu. He has made use of the powers awakened by the research Organization and engaged in abominable activities, such as kidnapping and murder.

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