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Star Gladiator Endings
Storyline of Star Gladiator
Now,at the end, Zelkin finally understands that not
all of the Earth's people are cruel and brutal.
"I have made a horrible mistake. Even my defeating
Bilstein cannot make up for wronging the humans so
terribly..." Zelkin tries to give himself up to Hayato
and the other Earth warriors, but they will not accept his
surrender. "Zelkin, now that we've fought you, we know
you are not the enemy. Go home. Maybe this will bring
peace to our two peoples." Hayato's companions agree
with his kind decree. Zelkin politely expresses his
gratitude and takes a spaceship from Zeta back to
his home planet, Clonedyke. "So this is what they mean
by'Forgive.' I am only now beginning to understand.
We have much to learn from our human brethren."

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