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King of Fighters '99
Storyline of King of Fighters '99, The

Yuri is having a nightmare.

She doesn't know where she is.
Her father Takuma is buried under the falling debris. She can do nothing to save him.


Yuri bolts up and awakens with a "Gah!"

"Ah! What a dream...."

Yuri, who until now has always thought working out with her father was nothing but a major pain, is shaken by the vividness of the dream and thinks that maybe her father really is going to die.

"No, no, I've got to forget that weird dream and concentrate on my training today!"

Trying to shake off the nightmare, Yuri quickly changes into her training clothes and bounces down the stairs.

Bam! Bang!

From early in the morning, she can hear the sound of someone kneading soba noodles.
The person busy making noodles is of course Takuma Sakazaki. He is well known as the creator of Kyokugen Karate...and a mighty fine bowl of noodles.

"Y-Yuri, you're up. It looks like I've created some delicious noodles again today. How about it? Care for some?"
"Uh, no thanks. I'm good...."

With her father like this...she feels she's wasted time worrying about him.

While reassuring herself that she could not have possibly foreseen the death of her father who is indestructible in her eyes, Yuri begins her morning run, letting the gentle morning breeze guide her course.

A man awaits the arrival of a sweaty Yuri at the doorway as the city begins to comes alive with the freshly risen sun,.

The man wears red training gear. He is the acting master of Kyokugen Karate. He is Ryo Sakazaki.

"Oh, man! Ryo! Why don't you wash your workout clothes! Those are some awfully stinky duds!!!"
"What?! This is the smell of the guys I was working out with. No, I mean, ah, whatever. Be that as it may, Yuri, Pop says he wants to talk to you."
"Oh, come on, Yuri. It won't kill you to hear him out, will it?"

A familiar face appears over Ryo's shoulder.
"Oh, Robert!"
This is Robert Garcia. He's the son of the Garcia conglomerate. He is also Ryo's good-natured rival and friend.
"You went to the trouble of calling Robert...? Could this mean...?!"
"Yup. It looks like there might be another King of Fighters this year, I guess."
"OK! If that's what it's all about, it just may be worth listening to. So, where's Pop?"
"He's in the gym now."
"Well, let's go."
The instant she hears this, Yuri makes a beeline to the gym.
"Oh, Yuri. Wait up. You don't have to rush. The Master's not going anywhere."

While Yuri walks toward the gym at a brisk clip, she thinks it's already the season for the King of Fighters.

As the three arrive in the gym, they see that Takuma is already waiting for them, sitting in the center.
"Oh, so you've all come at once. Well, take a seat."
"What's your story, Pop?"
Ryo asks his father, kneeling down before him in the "seiza" position.
"Unh. As a matter of fact, this was delivered to our gym."

The thing that Takuma sticks out in front of them is what they expected. It is none other than the invitation to the King of Fighters.

"Well it looks like the King of Fighters tournament is going to be held again this year, huh?"
Ryo answers with a solemn expression.
"In spite of that, I haven't seen any TV ads this year, and the scale seems a lot smaller and kind of subdued. Well, since there are so many happenings that accompany the KOF tournament, I guess it's no coincidence that the big sponsors have pulled out."
"And I'm going to enter this year, but this time I want to enter with somebody else."
"No, Yuri. You'll enter as a member of our Kyokugen Karate team!"
Takuma answers promptly.
"Hey, why? I mean there's Ryo, right? Robert, right? And if you enter, Pop, that's all three, isn't it? If I enter, too, that's one too many!"
"Ah, my little cicada, it seems that this year the necessary members for each team is four."
"Gag! So I can't enter as a member of the Woman Fighters Team again?"
"Yuri! Don't forget that you're a member of the Kyokugen Karate team! And that's...."
"All right, all right. I don't need another lecture from you! Oh, fudgeskies! But this time I really wanted to team up with some fighters other than my smelly brother...."
"Come on, Yuri. You don't mean that. This time all of us can represent Kyokugen Karate, right? You may not get a chance like this again."
"Yeah, I guess you're right...."
"Yuri! That's enough of your griping! You're always...."
"All right, all right! I got ya! I'll enter on your team, Pop! Well, I got to get to my training."
"Hold on there, Yuri. Pop's story isn't over yet...."

Yuri exits the gym without batting an ear at Ryo's entreaties to stop.

Yuri sits under a pine tree behind the gym.
"Man, It's really a pain having to do what Ryo and everyone tells me to do, but at least I'll be able to enter the tournament...."
And even more...
It seems she's still worried about something. It's the dream she had this morning.
I wonder if my father and this year's King of Fighters tournament have something to do with each other? Or maybe they aren't related? Well I guess I'll know for sure once the tournament begins!"
Yuri keeps her strange unease and her equally high hopes to herself as she enters the tournament.
It looks like this year's summer, for a variety of reasons, is going to be another hot one.

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