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King of Fighters '97
Storyline of King of Fighters '97, The

Southtown. Takuma walks back to his gym.
TAKUMA: "Boy, sure is crowded today. I think I'll take a little shortcut...!"
Off the beaten path, Takuma becomes aware of a suspicious presence.
TAKUMA: "What the...? This is...without doubt, one evil individual!"
Noting his surroundings as he presses on, he cannot discern from where this presence emanates. The sensation gradually fades.
TAKUMA: "It's leaving..."
The instant he lets his guard down, the menacing presence returns along with the pungent scent of blood to pounce on Takuma.
TAKUMA: "Ooogh!!"
Takuma involuntarily assumes a fighting stance. A man from which the murderous sensation appears to be emanating quickly rushes past Takuma's side.
TAKUMA: "!!"
Takuma is temporarily rendered immobile. Returning to his normal self, he looks around and realizes that the man has disappeared into the crowd.
TAKUMA: "So, I lost him, did I...? Who was he? It's been a long time since I've seen a man with such murderous rage as he seemed to have...."

The Kyokugen Karate gym. Robert gets out of his car and makes his way inside.
ROBERT: "So, I guess I have to supervise the training of the disciples today. Huh? It sure sounds pretty quiet. Is anybody here?"
An eerie silence permeates the usually clamorous gym. The moment he opens up the front door, a sign set on its side begins to creak.
ROBERT: "Huh? What's going on?"
The moment Robert's gaze shifts to the sign, it splits into hundreds of shards.
ROBERT: "!!"
Robert rushes inside the gym. As he enters the gym, he smells the scent of blood permeating the air. Looking around he sees the disciples scattered all about.
ROBERT: "What the? What is going on here?"
He picks up one of the disciples and speaks to him. He's not dead, but the disciple does not respond. It's then that Takuma returns.
TAKUMA: "!! Robert! What happened?!"
ROBERT: "Master! That...I don't have a clue... It was like this when I got here."
TAKUMA: "Who...! That smell!"
As he heads for the gym, the figure of the man that rushed by him crosses his mind.
TAKUMA: "It's him!"
ROBERT: "Him. Master, who are you talking about?"
Takuma stands there motionless and doesn't answer Robert's question.

A few days later at the Kyokugen Karate gym. Ryo is kneeling down facing Robert and Yuri.
YURI: "Ryo, what's going on with Pop?"
Ryo answers gently, keeping his eyes closed.
RYO: "He left the gym. Early this morning."
ROBERT: "Left the gym? Where did he go?"
RYO: "I don't know. It seems he's going to challenge the members of another gym to a duel, all by himself."
ROBERT: "Did you say, Ôit seems...?' He told you that and you didn't lift a finger to stop him or help him?"
YURI: "Yeah, Robert's right. Not telling us about it is just wicked!"
Ryo slowly opens his eyes.
RYO: "I didn't just let him go. He told me what we're supposed to do for him."
ROBERT: "What we're supposed to do?"
RYO: "Yup."
He takes out an envelope from his breast pocket and presents it to the two.
YURI: "What's this...?"
ROBERT: "It's an invitation to the King of Fighters!"
RYO: "Yup. It's up to us to enter the King of Fighters. And we're supposed to win the tournament and restore the prestige of the Kyokugen style of karate! This is what father instructed us to do."
YURI: "Restore the prestige of Kyokugen karate...."
ROBERT: "So that's it, is it...? But is it okay? The Master is looking for someone we've never heard of nor do we know where he is.... Do you have any clues?"
RYO: "He didn't go into details, but he saw someone briefly who could be the assailant. He probably will go downtown to smoke him out."
YURI: "I hope everything goes all right...."
RYO: "It'll be all right. Pop will see to that. We should stop worrying about him and start thinking about us. What'll we do? What about our entry?"
YURI: "I don't mind."
ROBERT: "Yeah, me either. If the Master requested it, then his will be done."
RYO: "OK, then I'll let's confirm our resolve. We three, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Yuri Sakazaki, under the auspices of Takuma Sakazaki, head of the Kyokugen Karate Hall, swear to enter the King of Fighters, win the tournament, and restore the prestige of the Kyokugen style of karate. Moreover, during the absence of the head of our hall, Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia both agree to assume the position of substitute head and manage the operations of this gym. Agreed?"
YURI, ROBERT: "Agreed!!!"

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