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Soul Edge Series
a.k.a. Yun Sung (Soul Calibur 2)
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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
Yun-Seong was traveling with Talim, a girl he had met in Asia Minor. When they saw a temple in Egypt that had been demolished, he knew the power of Soul Edge was real. When he crossed paths with his kinswoman Mi-Na, however, she was of a different opinion. "Soul Edge is an evil pwoer that brings only disaster. There's no way that thing will save our country!" It was just a matter of time before she would drag him back home with her, and so he slipped away once Mi-Na nad Talim were asleep.

Yun-Seong headed west, and soon neared Ostrheinsburg, the stronghold of the Azure Knight. There he sought out the solitary warrior who had gone into the ruined castle and managed to return alive. Increadibly, the warrior turned out the be Hwang, a swordsman whom he had idolized growing up. Unable to mask his surprise, Yun-Seong listened to Hwang's story.

Hwang had been tasked three imes with finding Soul Edge, and tried to destroy it. Now even Hwang, who Yun-Seong respected more han any other man, believed the sword was evil. The knowledge shook Yun-Seong to the core, but his own opinion would not be swayed. When Hwang saw that Yun-Seong remained as determined as ever, he said, "Go, and find your own answer."

With courage and conviction he had never before known, Yun-Seong turned toward Ostrheinsburg. He would have faith in his own strength and seek his destiny!

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