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XGC (X-Genome Code) That Evokes Death
"The infinite slate of the beast", is the legacy in the ancient time that is said to confine all calamity that causes ruin
"Beast XGC" entitles Zoanthropes the qualification of having the "slate" which is sealed to prevents occurrence of calamity by dispersing all power not to gather on one person. There is a man named Xion, and he wants to break the seal of the "slate" to revive the power of the "slate" completely by exterminating Zoanthropes with the "XGC" one by one.
"Soon.... When the vigor of the "slate" becomes integrated, the world changes its form. All the variants that were not born will come out to cover the earth all.... Hu hu hu... Isn't it wonderful? Don,ft you think so, sis? Or is it unwelcome? Sis, you were tender. You were pouring the power of love over this trivial world though it was useless.... But you cannot stop it any longer. Because, your elder sister does not exist anymore. Yes.... I killed her for you." This man thinks everything visible in his cold eyes is nothing but a useless waste which must be eliminated to create the new world....

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