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"I'm going to stop Jin!"
Storyline of Tekken 7
Ling Xiaoyu infiltrated the Mishima Zaibatsu building in search of information relating to Jin Kazama's disappearance. Creeping deeper into the enemy territory under the guards' noses, she eventually hears Heihachi Mishima's voice coming from a room; he was giving orders about locating Jin. Just as Xiaoyu was about to sneak into the room, a man dressed all in white emerged and pushed her back. "Take me to Jin!" Xiaoyu demanded, unflinching. The man stood there for a moment, before ordering Xiaoyu to follow him.

He led her to the roof, then silently turned toward her, and readied himself to fight. Xiaoyu took up her fighting stance, and said, "So that's how it is... If you think I'm just some little girl, you're sadly mistaken."

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