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Soul Edge Series
a.k.a. Chai Xianghua
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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
The training Xianghua had undergone in her homeland had given her the strength to conquer her own psychological frailty. She hurried west along the Silk Road and soon found Kilik. Happily reunited, the two headed for India on Maxi's trail. But while they found their old friend, just as they had hoped, he would not join them. Was Maxi looking for the cursed sword in order to seek revenge? If so, Xianghua would do everything in her power to stop him. Using that cursed sword to avenge the fallen would bring her friend no salvation.

And Kilik.... She turned to glance at him standing beside her. She had no idea how he felt about her, but her heart was quite clear on the matter. But as long as so much still remained to be done, she could never say the words. They had to stop Soul Edge. The last time they had faced it, they had lacked the power to destroy the weapon outright, and their faulure was to blame for every tragedy the cursed sword had brought since.

(I will cut out my destiny. This time, we will eliminate Soul Edge once and for all!)

And so, having turned remose into resolve, Xianghua pressed on. When she saw the meteor shower shooting west across the sky on night, she knew; the final battle was at hand.

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