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Pre History
As the great struggle between light and dark rages above, the skilled craftsmen of the Dwarf Kingdom have been toiling in their dim smithies located in the roots of the mountains. Hidden from the world of sun and moon, this race of stout miners has long been oppressed by the tyrannical rule of Lord Deimos, one of the Covenant of Seven. Threatened with death if they dare disobey, dwarven guildsmen have for centuries crafted the fine armor and weapons that have given Deimos' troops the edge in countless battles.

Fired by the flames of revenge, the dwarves have longed to construct a mighty machine which would destroy their enemies. One night, in a nightmare filled with fire and screams, Gar Gudrunson, master craftsman of the dwarves, has a vision: he saw marching across the battlefields above a strange engine, solidly built of iron and brass and powered by steam. In his dream, Gar's bizarre creation smashes Deimos' troops and wins freedom for the long-suffering dwarven legions.

He immediately directs his craftsmen to build his mad machine. Will it be enough to defeat Deimos? It must be piloted by one who possesses such hatred against Deimos that they will strive for victory no matter what the cost. Gar Gudrunson himself will pilot the Dwarven War Mech.

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