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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
Voldo had infiltrated the ruins of Ostrheinsburg and arrived at last before Soul Edge. The cursed sword rested in the hands of the Azure Knight, sealed upon the castle throne. Seeing his chance to take the sword, Voldo took a stealthy step toward the motionlessknight.

Soul Edge, the world's last singular treasure. How Voldo's late master Vercci had longed to make it his own! In the years after his passing, Voldo had continued to serve his master, body and soul, and worked to fulfill his master's last wish. Now, at last, his search neared an end.

"Voldo," a voice said. A joly ran through Voldo as he held Soul Edge, for the voice belonged to his master. "Well done, Voldo. I am most pleased. But you still have another task ahead of you." Warmth welled up in Voldo's closed eyes; tears, which had deserted him long ago. Yes, he thought, I must protect Soul Edge, the peerless treasure you sought. Voldo had a new calling, and it filled him with such joy that a wordless moan escaped his throat.

And while Soul Edge managed to possess his heart, bending his firm sense of allegance to a new purpose, it could not change it. Within his heart, Voldo only saw and served one master; his beloved Vercci. Though his territory had changed from vercci's hallowed tomb to the dark capital Ostrheinsburg, his hunt remained the same: To destroy the "master's" enemies.

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