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Soul Calibur V
Storyline of Soul Calibur 5
Ever the loyal servant, Voldo diligently obeyed the orders of his master, the wealthy Italian merchant Vercci - or so he believed. In truth, he served an illusion created by the cursed Soul Edge, at least until the deception was shattered by a purifying blow from Kilik's Kali-Yuga staff.

Back in his right mind - if one can call it that - Voldo decided to return to his duty as the guardian of the Money Pit, the secret underground chamber where Vercci had hidden his fortune.

But Voldo arrived to find that the storehouse had been ransacked by thieves. Using the keen sense of smell he had developed living in darkness, Voldo painstakingly tracked and killed the culprits, determined to recover every last piece of Vercci's stolen treasure.

Many years later the final bit of treasure was back in place, and the Money Pit was restored to its former glory. But Voldo couldn't escape a gnawing sense that something was missing. Something that had only barely slipped his grasp 17 years ago...

He sealed his master's treasure trove once again, and returned to the surface world.

He must find his master... His true master. He must find Soul Edge.

The cursed sword's lie had become Voldo's reality.

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