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Storyline of Darkstalkers
Making a few final touches, Professor Victor Von Gerdenheim nods with deep satisfaction.

For 30 years, he had devoted himself to his work. For 30 long years, he had cut himself off from all human contact, focusing on what truly mattered. His research would make history.

Life was God's gift to give, and yet here stands a man hoping to give life to his own creation.

The various pieces sewn together to make one whole have been treated with a special chemical to keep them from rotting away, and are now connected to a large power source. All that is left now is for the Professor to wait for the right time...

That night, amidst loud roars of ground-shaking thunder, huge bolts of lightning shoot through the lifeless mass, infusing it with life.

In the same moment, the vast electrical charges tear the very life from the body of the Professor, leaving him an empty husk. In exchange for giving life where it was not meant to be, he has lost his own.

The Professor's last scream thus marks the first moment of the construct Victor's life. With mind-numbingly slow movements, Victor rises to his feet. "I... am... strong."

Victor is driven by simple thoughts of victory and the notion of being the strongest, but in the back of his mind is the childlike longing to please his father.

His eyes fixed on the remains of his father, Victor lurches forward.

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