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The homicidal embodiment of pure hatred and blinding rage, Venom is an amalgamation of two wildly disparate beings, each obsessed with Spider-Man. One half is Eddie Brock, an unethical former journalist whose meteoric career was cut short when Spider-Man revealed a story he had written to be false. The other is the alien symbiote that posed for a time as Spider-Man’s black costume, attempting all the while to graft itself permanently to the wall-crawler.

Coincidentally arriving at the church where the creature had gone to ground, the devastated Brock’s intense emotions attracted the empathic symbiote, which Spider- Man had rebuffed repeatedly and nearly destroyed. Brock gave himself fully to the alien, their mutual fixation fanned into an overwhelming animosity by the union. There is no more Eddie Brock, no more symbiote: There is only Venom.

Armed with the alien’s intimate knowledge of Spider-Man, Venom embarked on a campaign of terror against Peter Parker, often tormenting the hero’s friends and loved ones to cause him personal distress.

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