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I shall strike you down with all the power at my command!
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Guilty Gear X
Orphaned at a young age, Venom was taken under the wing of a group of assassins. However, his sensibilities hindered his growth as an assassin. As time passed, he pondered the meaning of his existence. Before long, the organization saw him as worthless and ordered him to be executed. However, just prior to his execution, Zato, the new leader of the organization, recognized Venom's talent and spared his life. Venom pledged his loyalty to Zato out of deep gratitude for saving his life and giving him his raison d'etre. Zato soon fell out of favor, though, and rumors of his disloyalty abounded. Venom, who had served as Zato's right-hand man for many years, knew that this slander was not true, but the evidence against him was very strong. As doubts continue to rise, Venom receives some information regarding someone thought to be Zato, and departs to investigate.

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