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Soul Calibur 3
Her dream was to prove her worth to her father.

Her father entrusted her to an acquaintance, and went off to travel the world. If there was news that a rare find was up for auction in the east, he would travel night and day to bid on it. If there was an artifact found in the west, he would head straight west. That was his life. After illness took his wife and left him with an infant daughter, this was the only way he knew to provide for her. Of course, Valeria never could understand that and grew up resenting him, believing that she was abandoned by her father.

She was entrusted to an old man named Cepheus, who had a shop in a town where the cultures of east and west converge. Valeria, in time, also worked at the shop. It was Cepheus' way of giving Valeria a chance to understand her father's way of life. As time passed, she nurtured a genuine curiosity towards antiques, becoming a very good appraiser. Cepheus suspected that her career choice reflected her desire to beat her father at his own game.
Cepheus urged Valeria's father to stay in town and spend more time with his growing daughter. The man responded that he is delighted his daughter found a passion in life. And should that path be the same one he chose for himself, the only thing he knows, then perhaps they can eventually travel together.

But that day never came. Before Valeria could be considered an expert, her father went missing. He disappeared en route to an auction that supposedly included a sword called Soul Edge. Cepheus suspected something had happened to the man. It simply was not like him to just disappear and leave his daughter. A few years later, Cepheus was certain of his suspicion. He began hearing rumors that Soul Edge was somehow involved with Nightmare and the phenomena that rocked Europe.

Valeria did not know where her father was headed when he disappeared. Cepheus told her everything he knew. Valeria was no longer the little girl that had nothing but resentment for her father. She finally learned of his true intentions, how he longed to travel the world with his daughter, and she wept for her foolishness in ever resenting him.

Her goal was to become the most skilled appraiser of ancient artifacts. Though her motive had changed, that ultimate dream remained the same.

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