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Torgo, the Dwarven Fighter
Storyline of Iron & Blood
Torgo is a veteran of the infamous Ironspur Wars that wrought havoc on the realms that called the Ironspur mountains their home. Torgo was the central figure in the legendary battle for Skull Rock Pass. Surrounded and hopelessly outnumbered by a battalion of 1000 orcs, the 100 warriors of the dwarven Spike Helm clan would surely have perished to their foes’ superior numbers if Torgo had not rallied his men with his mad rush on the ogre chieftain Grok. Smashing through Grok’s surprised guard of orcish warriors with hammer blow after hammer blow, Torgo engaged in a ferocious struggle with the ogre leader. An axe blow from the chieftain cost Torgo his arm, but the dwarf merely gritted his teeth and charged into the ogre with his spiked helm lowered. Before the dust had settled Grok lay underneath the far shorter Torgo, his skull crushed from a mighty hammer strike. The blood-crazed dwarf emitted the dwarven clan’s war cry before bloodloss finally caused him to lose consciousness. Seized by a berserk rage, the contingent of Spike Helm dwarves soon routed the stunned orc battalion.

Never one to rest easy, Torgo has not let his injury slow him one bit. He has learned to compensate for the loss of his limb by developing a series of deadly strikes and counterstrikes with his one good arm. Torgo remains a fierce, proud opponent.

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