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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
When the two swords clashed, Tira had already arrived at the Lost Cathedral and was waiting before the gate. Having been turned to evil, she was affected strongly by the destruction unleashed by the meeting of the swords. Tira's mind was torn apart, shattered into countless shards. But her consciousness clawed itself together again. In the end, she became two people, her mind reformed into two separate entities that represented the extremes of the original, unstable Tira.

Upon her return to Ostrheinsburg, Tira began processing the information that her watchers carried to her, that she might hand Soul Edge, her king and master, the advantage in the battle that was to come. She would use the habitants of the cursed city to wear down the power of the sprit sword, and when at last they fought, the cursed sword would turn Ostrheinsburg into a giant vessel and every soul within that place would be caught within it's maw, including the Spirit Sword. She knew that then her king would win.

And at that moment, Tira, too, would become a part of Soul Edge. A feeling she had never felt before swelled in her, but she - both of her - did not understand it.

"Soul Edge will consume everything! Yes, everything!"

"Everything I am is devoted to the service of my king."

A tiny glimmer of fear sparked in the chink between her two personalities, but it was forced down below the surface of her consciousness. It would not emerge again.

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