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Me lose? Impossible.
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Pre History
The sorcerer Merlin magically forged the Ebony Blade from a black ore known as the Starstone. The blade was presented to Sir Percival of Scandia, one of King Arthur's knights. Percival took on the guise of the Black Knight, slaying the wicked with his sword. Unfortunately, due to all of the blood shed by the Ebony Blade, it became cursed. The blade was passed down to Percival's descendants throughout the years - some good, some evil, each becoming the Black Knight.

Massachusetts scientist Dave Whitman inherited an English castle from his late uncle Nathan Garrett. Little did Dave know, that Nathan was a Black Knight - and the most vile one to boot. Finding the Ebony Blade, Dave was approached by the spirit of Sir Percival, who explained the sword and its curse. Taking up the Ebony Blade and the mantle of Black Knight, he joined the Masters of Evil in his uncle's stead, but for the purpose of infiltrating it and causing chaos within the ranks. With his expertise in swordplay and the sciences, along with being able to hold his own with the best martial artists in the universe, Dave Whitman is a major asset to The Avengers.

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