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Guilty Gear X
Testament was involved in a conspiracy and converted to a Gear irrespective of his intention. Bearing strong willpower, he managed to maintain his consciousness and memory but was forced to conform with the command of "mankind erasure" which was implanted compulsorily, and as such, he turned his fang to mankind. With the death of Justice in the previous Tournament, Testament recovered his original character but was tortured by the depth of his sins and felt despaired to live on his life as a human being. He wandered around in despair, until one day he got lost in the woods and stumbled upon a place the people called "the devil's living place." It was there that Testament met Dizzy. After hearing the narrative of her life, her existence became his reason to live. The only thing he could do is protect her from enemies. Not for the destruction of his opponents but rather "to protect his precious one," Testament holds his scythe once again...

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