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King of Fighters '94
Storyline of King of Fighters '94, The
Terry is passing quiet afternoon in a small park with a view of a small harbor.
Blessed with pleasant weather, he thinks, "This is phenomenal!" even though combining training with a stay at this Italian resort was his own idea.
But his reverie is soon cut short. The cause for this is the delivery of a single invitation with his name on it.
"The King of Fighters, huh?"
He seems a bit bummed by this. And just who is this "R" anyway?
"'R'.... It doesn't seem to be Geese or Krauser.... Hmm. Who could it be? R...R...Uh, Ryuhaku Todoh? Who was that guy?"
Could it be that the genial climate has affected his mental circuitry?
"Hey! Boy, we broke a hump trying to find you!"
Joe Higashi, the perpetually peppy kick boxing dynamo, arrives on the scene. And Andy follows close behind.
"Oh, what's up? Both of you have come? You really did your homework to find me here."
Ignoring Terry, who seems a little taken aback at this sudden visit, Joe continues.
"What's up? Who do you think you're kidding?! I'm talking about this! This thing right here!"
Joe flaps an envelope in his face.
"You're entering with us, aren't you? Right?! We need three members this time! Sounds downright intriguing, doesn't it?"
It does have a certain intriguing quality to it, thinks Terry.
"Terry, who do you suppose this 'R' clown is anyway...?"
Andy ask his big brother, a touch nervously.
"Whatever! Enough chit-chat. Let's get going! What do you say, you two?"
Swept up by Joe's wave of enthusiasm, the two brothers once again resolve to enter the King of Fighters.

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