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Vampire Savior
Storyline of Vampire Savior
Peace is something that is too easily shattered. On the night of a full moon, Jon Talbain senses the form of the feral beast within himself and shivers with anticipation.

The curse had been broken! He had been reborn as a normal human being! But then... what is this sensation? Why is his blood boiling within his veins...!?

Jon Talbain's mind is assaulted by nightmares... his vision darkens... he sees his shadow twist and contort into that of a beast's. He soon realizes his nightmare to be reality. In an unfamiliar place, a voice beckons to him from the darkness.

Jon Talbain clings desperately to the last remaining shred of his humanity... Will he find answers at the other end of this voice? His blood urges him forward, and will not allow him to stop.

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