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Storyline of Darkstalkers
Sparing one final glance at the city lights, Jon Talbain turns to walk away, knowing that he can never return. At least, not to this world of lively voices and sunlight filtering through the foliage.

With his last remaining strength, Jon Talbain was struggling against the tainted blood that flowed through his veins.

The effects of his diseased blood came to life rather suddenly, though it is likely to have remained dormant within his system since birth, waiting for the chance to unleash its power over its host.

Above all else, Jon Talbain had grown fearful of himself, as he slowly came to accept the inevitability of his fading humanity.

"Am I fated to become some simple beast?" Furrowing his brow, Jon Talbain fights to maintain his humanity as he looks down at his hands, which have already transformed into something clearly inhuman.

At that moment, Jon Talbain is struck by a divine revelation... to fight. Perhaps fighting and overcoming his personal limitations is his path to salvation.

Still, he cannot remain here. Every moment of his hesitation gives way to the darkness swelling within him. He cannot allow himself to victimize innocent human beings (though Jon Talbain finds it ironic that he could ever use a term like that).

Even as a wave of absolute solitude washes over him, Jon Talbain realizes that he must make his decision. "I have little choice. I must become stronger... stronger than anyone else."

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