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King of Fighters '95
Storyline of King of Fighters '95, The
At the Southtown dojo of Kyokugen Karate, we find a panicking Robert rushing toward Ryo, who is focused on his daily workout.
ROBERT: "Hey, Ryo! I just got this at my place. Have you seen it yet?!"
Babbling away, he sticks an invitation to the King of Fighters tournament in Ryo's face.
RYO: "Huh? What's the...? Oh, that? Yeah, I got one, too."
ROBERT: "Aw, man. Really...? So you and Yuri already know about it?"
RYO: "Nah, I haven't said anything to Yuri yet, so she probably doesn't know about it. That reminds me: she's off on some trip overseas today. Nice timing, eh, Robert? Don't utter a peep about this to Yuri, got it?"
ROBERT: "Yeah, I got it. But I think you really should stop being so overprotective of her. She can take care of herself now."
RYO: "You nub! This KOF may be just as perilous as the last one! And Yuri is still way too inexperienced as a fighter to face anything like that again!"
ROBERT: "All right...I got ya. No skin off my nose."
Yuri, lugging a big travel trunk, walks through the airport. She walks a little farther and then comes to an abrupt stop.
YURI: "Hee, hee. Ryo thinks I'm totally clueless about this year's KOF, but I know we've already got the invite. I hope you're Mai and King are waiting for me."
Yuri heads for her destination. Segue back to the dojo.
RYO: "By the way, Robert. What are we going to do about our team?"
ROBERT: "Hmm. I guess the Master's in no shape to team up with us."
TAKUMA: "Hey! You're writing me off a bit quick there, aren't you Robert?!"
Takuma emerges from the backroom of the dojo.
RYO: "P-Pop!" ROBERT: "M-Master!"
TAKUMA: "I'm the founder of Kyokugen Karate! Even if I'm a little long in the tooth, I still can show you clowns a thing or two. Care to give me your best shot, Robert?"
ROBERT: "N-no way. I know you're still a force to be reckoned with. So, it looks like we three are going to be a team again. Eh?"
RYO: "Uh, yeah. That sounds copasetic with me!"
ROBERT: "Well, there it is. OK, let's rock!"
Takuma, however, feels something in his gut: Rugal lives. And Takuma knows, too, this may be his final battle. He ponders their prospects.
TAKUMA: "This is going to be one tough battle, Ryo and Robert. This may be the end to my life as a fighter. But I know you will be magnificent successors to my Kyokugen Karate legacy...."

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