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King of Fighters '94
Storyline of King of Fighters '94, The
"But, for crying out loud, why Mexico...?"
Robert mutters this complaint-laced question.
"Huh? You say something, Robert?"
Takuma is here to establish the Mexican chapter of his Kyokugen Karate gym franchise, and oversee Ryo and Robert's training while instructing his Mexican disciples. He doesn't fail to register Robert's muttering.
"No, not me. Not a thing."
Ryo, a glum look across his face, approaches the flustered Robert. Robert, unable to ignore his expression, talks to Ryo to break the tense mood.
"What's up, Ryo? Chicks don't dig a frowner, you know?"
"None of your beeswax! That *@#! Yuri...."
"What? Has something happened to Yuri?"
"Yuri told me she's going to enter this year's King of Fighters!"
"Say what? She can't do that. She shouldn't be doing dangerous stuff like that, Ryo!"
Takuma abruptly cuts in abruptly.
"If you're talking about that invitation, I've got one, too. Look, three of them! A perfect chance to put our training here in Mexico to the test. You need three on a team, so what do you say we all enter together!"
"That is a great idea! Don't you think so, Robert?!"
Ryo seems to have embarked on his "enter fast and keep Yuri out of the picture" plan.
"Yeah, it's too bad that Yuri's not here, but whaddya gonna do?"
"Yes! We'll show the world the awesome power of Kyokugen Karate!"
Robert is overwhelmed, and a little freaked, by the extent of the Sakazakis' fervor.

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