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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
Taki pursued Soul Edge, the sword that had driven her master mad and turned him into a monster. She eventually came to the Lost Cathedral, where she saw the two swords locked in the Embrace of Souls and learned, at last, of the spirit sword; a weapon that was able to resist the evil of the cursed sword.

Taki was there when the two opposing swords were unleashed and Siegfried and Nightmare fought. But the two blades did not destroy each other as she had hoped. Instead, both grew more powerful than ever before. Together, they sparked a cataclysm and Taki only barely escaped the ensuing malestrom. The Lost Cathedral was obliterated, but Soul Calibur and SOul Edge survived. Even now, the dreadful power of the two swords linked them and brough them closer. They would have to be obliterated one at a time, lest they should come together again. She soon learned that the cursed sword lay in Ostrheinsburg, and that Siegfried was heading to the same location. There was no more time. She set out on her own journey.

Taki witnessed everything at the Lost Cathedral. Siefgried had appeared to be seemingly torn asunder by the overwhelming torrent of power, but the spirit sword intervened and kept him alive. Would he be able to cling to his human reason and somehow control the immense power that resided within him? She could not leave that answer to chance. She made her decision, and she would do what must be done.

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