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Soul Edge
Taki is a highly skilled ninja working as a demon hunter. As an orphan, she was brought up by a ninja master named Taki. She is an expert spy and a great schemer in this age of the Civil War. Many military commanders employed ninjas, but Taki works for herself.

Taki does not have a base of operations for she is one of a ninja clan now living in seclusion. Among this ninja clan, many have extraordinary abilities that have been lost or forgotten by the general population.

Having been blessed with supernatural powers, Taki chose to travel throughout Japan to conquer the evil and vindictive demons who threaten ordinary people. Taki forged her own weapons which she did with great love and care. Among all her custom weapons, her favorite was "Rekki-Maru" which held supernatural powers within. However, "Rekki-Maru's" power had began to weaken and about this time, rumors concerning an "Evil Sword" began spreading from southern countries.

The seal at the shrine which confined the ancient Fury demons was weakening. Taki was called to solve this problem. The shrine was full of evil spirits, demons, and ghosts. "Look at them all! Nothing like a good challenge."

She drew her faithful "Rekki-Maru" and sliced at the demon leader. "What's happened here?" The demon still stood before her. After several attacks, the spirit vanished. She was extremely surprised.

"This can't be possible. I usually kill these things in one stroke!" Her sword "Rekki-Maru" was displaying an unusual loss of power. After sealing the shrine, Taki began to think about what was happening. Something was affecting her beloved sword, but what could it be?

She knew there was no such thing in Japan. "What of that rumor of the evil sword, 'Soul Edge'? The sword must be close. There's no other explanation for this strange phenomenon." Taki decided to investigate this evil sword.

"If there's even the slightest chance of saving my favorite sword "Rekki-Maru", I would travel the world for it."

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