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War of Three Kingdoms
Storyline of Dynasty Warriors
Taishi Ci was a passionate and headstrong warrior who lived for the battlefield. He fought in personal combat against the fierce enemy warlord Sun Ce for two days, but ended in a stalemate. Later, when Taishi Ci lost his master and refused to surrender, Sun Ce captured him alive and welcomed him in his camp. Placing his embroided robe onto the brave warrior, Sun Ce smiled "I knew you were a real hero. That worm of your lord had no use of such a great warrior as you." After a banquet honoring him, Taishi Ci asked to be released to recruit soliders of his late master. Around noon, the next day, when Sun Ce's officers were convinced of Taishi Ci's betrayal, he returned with a thousand men. Thereafter he remained loyal to Sun Ce and his successor, Sun Quan.

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