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King of Fighters '95
Storyline of King of Fighters '95, The
A solitary figure saunters through the darkness. This is Eiji Kisaragi, and after he takes a few more steps onward, out of nowhere pounces Billy Kane.
The two square off against each other, and just when it appears that they are about to knock each other out, Kisaragi brings his fist to a stop before Billy's forehead.
BILLY: "...Why, didn't you hit me?"
KISARAGI: "Because you refrained from smashing my Adam's apple with your cudgel."
Billy's cudgel rests right in front of Kisaragi's throat. The two slowly separate.
KISARAGI: "Phew. So you, I presume, must be Billy Kane. What business do you have with me?"
BILLY: "Whew. Hold on a second, there's one other person I'd like you to meet...!"
And as if on cue, a pale blue flame shoots between the two.
KISARAGI: "What the...! What manner of being is this!"
A figure slowly emerges from the darkness, dragging the apparently lifeless form of a man whose blood-streaked head he grasps in his hand.
YAGAMI: "Heh, heh, heh...What fools these mortals be.... I don't know what this clown thought he was doing, but he apparently believed he could handle me...."
Having said his piece, Yagami tosses the man in his grip at Billy's feet.
The man Yagami has just rendered useless, in fact, is one of Geese's most trusted assassins.
YAGAMI: "Calling me to this place really took some stones, and this was some salutation.... So, which of you is going to be the first to die?"
BILLY: "Hmph. You conceited crud. I give you a sardine to catch and you treat it like a marlin...You watch yourself, junior!"
Billy readies his three-jointed cudgel, but overpowered by some unearthly force, he finds himself unable to move.
BILLY: "W-what the...?"
Billy feels as though he sees a strange presence behind the slowly approaching Yagami.
BILLY: "S-stopping me dead in my tracks...just who are you...?!"
YAGAMI: "Me? Why I'm..."
Yagami summons up flames in the palm of his hand.
YAGAMI: "I am...Iori...Yagami."
KISARAGI: "Did you say...Yagami?!"
BILLY: "Yagami...! Could it be? ...This punk?!"
YAGAMI: "...Die!"
BILLY: "Wait!"
Billy's plea breaks the tense mood.
BILLY: "That's the stuff! You two are more than I'd hoped for!"
KISARAGI: "What? What's going on here?!"
Billy whips out an invitation to this year's King of Fighters.
BILLY: "Take a gander at this!"
YAGAMI: "...An invitation to King of Fighters. So what...?"
BILLY: "Naturally, we're going to enter. We're going to be a team! How about it?! You two have got nothing to lose, right...?"
YAGAMI: "...The King of Fighters, eh...? Of course Kyo Kusanagi will be there.... Hmm.... Sounds interesting. It may be just the opportunity to crush that little bug...."
KISARAGI: "Hmm, indeed. A perfect chance to set things straight with those Kyokugen clowns, too...."
BILLY: "OK. Well, there you have it...!"
YAGAMI: "Very well. But I've just got this to say: Don't you dare look on me as an ally. You're nothing but means to an end; that's all you are and nothing more to me."
KISARAGI: "Indubitably. My sentiments exactly! Until we meet at KOF, farewell!"
The two take their leave.
BILLY: "Wah, ha, ha, Geese. All the pawns have been put into place. Hah, hah, hah!"

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