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As time passed..Release Battle Line of Zoanthropes
Steven (hereinafter Stun) who works for the Gene Research Institute of the "multinational company Tylon" is a young researcher with zeal and hope, and thinks his research would save people's life. A peer Oriental scholar, Busuzima, who entered the institute in the same year with STUN, showed consent to his zeal and was his good friend as well as a good rival, so STUN considered. However, STUN is converted into an artificial Zoanthrope because he had discovered the atrocious deeds of Busuzima and the company. And his body is unable to survive without the stabilizer refined from people's brain. Betrayed by Busuzima, STUN's spirit plunges into the negative direction with despair of loosing human figure. His flesh and brain (soul) decay slowly but surely and his heart is filled with the desire of revenge. However, when STUN faces with Busuzima, he is not able to kill Busuzima because the old memory as a friend reflects in STUN's heart. STUN still has rationality, which is supposed to have collapsed by then, and even the revenge fever is falling apart in his heart....

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