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Chronicles of the Sword
On that day, Strife took the Emperor's throne.
At the age of 10, not even a hint of a smile was to be seen.
For days after, he did not eat.
For days after, he did not sleep.
For days after, he concealed a dagger.

His own kin had made attempts on his life for the crown.
Trust was nowhere to be seen, and betrayal had become a daily routine.
The vile avarice of humans and fear of his own brutal death, slowly ate away at his sanity.

One day, a voice was heard from deep within the castle.
This voice was heard each time he sat at his throne.
Gradually, this voice became a part of him. He began to speak these words as though they were his own.

From that day forward, he would be a different man. He would execute anyone who dared oppose him.
He would ruthlessly torture anyone who aroused his suspicions.
He would wield the very symbol of Empirical power, "Ambition."
He would declare non-intervention in other lands while expanding his military.

...Today, a cadet visiting the Academy caught his eye.
Something in his demeanor was unsettling but it was just for a moment.

He did not realize at the time that this cadet possessed what he has long sought after.

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