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Stellerex, the Wizard
Storyline of Iron & Blood
Stellerex’s dark genius guides him through his life. With an intellect far superior to that of most men, he was able to master the complexity of the black arts with surprising ease. As an apprentice to a greedy magician of moderate skill, Stellerex absorbed all the man could teach before turning on his master and burning him alive with a spell of his own making.

This has been Stellerex’s pattern ever since -- training with magicians and then destroying them whenever they’ve taught him all they could. Now, he is hard pressed to find any human master left who has anything new to teach him, and so he travels through the planes searching out avatars and demons who can add to his dark knowledge.

His brilliance and discipline have saved him many times from beings far more powerful than he. Cold, calculating, and ruthless, Stellerex is a very dangerous foe.

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