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Pre History
Orphaned at a young age, Peter Parker was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May as if he were their own son. Exceptionally bright, Peter was also extremely shy. A social outcast with few friends, he sought solace in his studies. During a demonstration on radiation, a spider wandered into the radiation source and became irradiated. Dying, the spider fell on Peter’s hand and bit him.

Leaving the TV studio following a taping, Peter chose to mind his own business when he encountered a burglar fleeing the scene of a robbery. Though he could have stopped the man, Peter allowed him to pass, arrogantly believing it was not his responsibility. Several days later, he returned home from a perfomance only to discover that an intruder had murdered his uncle. Learning police had cornered the hoodlum in a nearby warehouse, a distraught Peter donned his Spider-Man costume and desperately rushed off to confront his uncle’s killer.

Employing his newfound abilities to capture the burglar, Peter realized the thief was the same criminal he had allowed to escape. Filled with remorse, Peter finally understood that with great power, there must also come great responsibility—and he vowed never to shirk his heroic responsibilities again.

Constantly balancing his responsibility as a hero with his personal life, and ever ready with a wisecrack to hide his personal struggles, Peter remains steadfast in living up to the responsibility that his great powers have thrust upon him, donning his Spider-Man costume for the good of all.

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